Aradhana Mahotsavam 2016

The organisations named after Me are not to be used for publicising My Name, or creating a new cult around My Worship. They must try to spread interest in Japam (recitation of God's name) Dhyaanam (meditation) and Saadhana (Spiritual Practices) which lead man Godwards, they must demonstrate the joy derivable from Bhajan (devotional group singing) Naamasmarana (remembering Gods name), Shanthi (peace) that one can draw from Sathsang (good company). They must render Seva (selfless service) to the helpless, the sick, the distressed, the illiterate and the needy. Their Seva should not be exhibitionistic, it must seek not reward, not even gratitude of thanks from recipients. Seva is Sadhana, not a pastime of the rich and well placed.

                                                    - Sathya Sai Baba

 The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation of Japan was established in 1975 in Kobe.  At present, there are nine centers, and fourteen bhajan groups throughout Japan. The task of spiritualising humanity is undertaken through Sathya Sai Centers.  Any spiritual aspirant, irrespective of religion can be a member.

 The membership is available to those who are willing to embrace the necessary spiritual discipline and serve in a spirit of sacrifice to work together in an orderly and harmonious manner, to serve the local communities. Membership is voluntary and there are no dues or any other form of money collection.  Sai Baba has clearly stated that the organisation has not been formed to earn name or fame, and therefore advertising is prohibited.  The objective of the Sathya Sai Organisation is to enable man to discover his innate divinity, regain his self-confidence and develop faith in God.  Other than catering to the spiritual development of seekers, the organisation is also involved in providing service to the needy and implement an education programme to incorporate human values as part of the character development of children all over the world.

 The Organisation endeavors to serve the seeker with Prashanti, Inner Peace.  Inner Peace leads to good thoughts and self-confidence, which results in good actions, leading us to self satisfaction. The true potential of all latent energies is developed to achieve success resulting in self transformation. Transformation of the self to higher levels of consciousness is the primary objective of the Sathya Sai Seva Organisation.

 Sai Baba's teachings are universal, not sectarian, as He places great emphasis on the fact that man is basically divine.  The purpose of life is to realise that divinity. We should transform ourselves by adhering to the Five Human Values of Love (Prema), Truth (Sathya), Right Conduct (Dharma), Peace (Shanti), Non-Violent (Ahimsa).

 The divine personality and glory of Sri Sathya Sai Baba (see Prashanthi Webster) has a large number of followers in most countries of the world.  The Sathya Sai Seva Organisation was established to serve the spiritual needs of Sai Seekers.  It is a membership organisation for those who need to study and benefit from the Life and Teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

 Nine Codes of Conduct

 1. Daily meditation and prayer.

2. Devotional singing with family members once a week.

3. Participation in Sathya Sai Spiritual Education Programmess.

4. Participation in community work and other programmes of the Organisation.

5. Attendance at least once a month at Bhajans.

6. Regular study of Sai Literature.

7. To speak softly and lovingly.

8. Not to talk ill of others, especially in their absence.

9. To put into practice "Ceiling on Desires" and to utilise savings thus generated for service of Mankind.

 Ten Principles

 1. Treat as sacred the land in which you were born.  Do not bring grief to your country.

2. Respect all religions equally.

3. Recognise the brotherhood of man and treat all as brothers.  Love all.

4. Keep your house and surroundings clean for this will promote hygiene and health.

5. Practice charity, but do not encourage beggars by giving money.

6. Never offer a bribe or receive a bribe.

7. Curb envy and jealousy. Expand your outlook.

8. Try and do as much as possible yourself.  Service to society must be done personally by yourself.

9. Never go against the laws of the land.  Be an exemplary citizen.

10. Cultivate "Love for God, Fear of Sin" especially hatred for sin.

 Follow these diligently both in word and in spirit.