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Sai Ladies Japan was established in 1995. Sri Sathya Sai Baba has designated the 19th of November each year as Sri Sathya Sai Ladies Day, for "This day of 19th November is celebrated as Ladies Day in order to delve into the sacred qualities of women and disseminate them. Women are the repositories of truth and culture."

Every year, on the 19th of November, Ladies Day Special Programmes are organised to increase the feminine (shakti aspect) consciousness for realising the innate Divinity to spread joy and peace at home and in society.

Sai Ladies Japan holds own Bhajan sessions as well as study circles exclusively for ladies and implements environmental conservation activities and special service activities focusing on single-parent-families & children in orphanages.

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Sathya Sai Baba has said, "Though the earth is one, the plants vary depending upon the seeds sown. The womb of the mother symbolises the mother earth. As is the seed of thought sown in it, so is the fruit that it yields. You cannot expect mangoes by sowing a neem seed. So, the mother should foster good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Only then can she beget virtuous children. Today we find many children having bad qualities and wicked conduct. The reason for this can be attributed to the bad thoughts of their mothers."

"Aryamba was born in Kerala. She was a paragon of virtues. She spent all her time in the contemplation of God and in undertaking noble deeds. As a result, Sankaracharya was born to her. Sankaracharya could become Jagadguru (world teacher) because of his mother's virtuous thoughts. Noble souls like Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa could attain exalted positions in their lives only due to the sacred feelings of their mothers. Putlibai, the mother of Mahatma Gandhi, spend her life in the contemplation of God."

"Women devotees, if they have the enthusiasm and support, can start Mahila Sathsangs (Ladies Sathsangs) not only for Bhajans and study of sacred texts and books, but for Service of women. Go among the poor in the slums and spread light and joy therein. Gather the helpless girls and try to provide them with some means of honorable livelihood. Sweeten their lives with Bhajan and the Saadhana of Japa and Dhyaana. Women too have right to know that they are the Aathmas, encased in human form, and they too can tap the strength, the joy and the peace that the Aathma holds. Inculcate in them the prayer habit, that will cleanse the mind of all impurities and make God shine in His full splendour."

"If the thoughts are sacred, they will certainly fructify. One need not think that one does not have enough money or resources. If you resolve to do something good, you are bound to succeed. The power of noble thoughts will give you the necessary strength."