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Directions to SSOJ Kyoto Center
1z From Kyoto Station
2z Area Map
Directions to SSOJ Kyoto Center
JR/Kintetsu Railway Kyoto Station ETake Bus # y5z or y100z, get off at (Higashi Tenno Cho) or,

ETake Subway Karasuma Line Kyoto Station, get on the train bound for Kokusai Kaikan (ICC). Get off at Marutamachi Station to change to bus. At Karasuma Marutamachi bus stop, Take Bus # y204z or y93z, get off at "Okazaki Jinja Mae".
25min by taxi
40 min by bus
Subway Karasuma Line, Marutamachi Station Take Bus #y204z or y93z, get off at"Okazaki Jinja Mae". 15 min
Tozai Line, Higashiyama Station Take Bus # y5z, y100z or y203z, get off at "Higashi Tenno Cho". 15 min
Keihan Railway Jingu Marutamachi Station Take y204z or y93z, get off at "Okazaki Jinja Mae". 10min
Sanjo Keihan Station Take Bus #y5z, get off at "Higashi Tenno Cho" 20min
Hankyu Railway Shijo Kawaramachi Station ETake any of following buses to: Higashi Tenno Cho Bus Stop: y5z/y32z/y203z

EOkazaki Jinja Mae Bus Stop: y32z/y203z
15min by car
30min by bus
Meishin Highway From Kyoto Higashi (East) IC Drive toward Kyoto Sanjo, take left to get on the Route 143(SanjoDori). Take right at Keage Junction, another right at Minami Nanzenji junction to get on the Shirakawa Dori. Take left at Tennnocho junction to Marutamachi Dori. You will see the Hotel Heian no Mori building on your right. Take right turn at the small side road to enter the hotel car parking space. 20 min
From Kyoto Minami (South) IC Take Route 1, to Kujo dori. Take turns until you reach Karasuma Gojo junction. Take left to get on Route 367 (Karasuma Dori). Take right at Karasuma Marutamachi to get on Route 187 (Marutamachi Dori). After you pass Okazaki Jinja Temple on your left, you will see the Hotel Heian no Mori building. Take turn at the small side road to enter the hotel car parking space. 35 min
Hanshin Highway From Yamashina IC Take Route 118 (Shinjyujo Dori), to Route 143(SanjoDori), to Shirakawa Dori, make left at Marutamachi Dori. Take right turn at the small side road to enter the hotel car parking space. 20 min
City Bus ** The most recommended.
There are various busses you can take from major inter stations such as Kyoto Station, Kawaramachi Station, and Marutamachi Station.Closest bus stops are"Higashi Tenno Cho"on Shirakawa street and "Okazaki Jinja Mae"on Marutamachi street.Please refer below for the bus numbers:

Higashi Tenno ChoFy5z/y93z/y100z/y203z/y204z
Okazaki Jinja MaeFy32z/y93z/y203z/y204z@
Address: 51 Okazaki Higashi Tenno-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. yGoogle mapz

Kyoto Center is located at the bungalow adjacent to the hotel guest parking space in Hotel Heianno Mori.

1. Take turn at the east side road of Hotel Heian no Mori. You will see a blue parking sign on your left side. 2. Take left to enter the parking space then you will see a gray bungalow in the back space. 3. Walk straight up to the mini slope, walk pass the bicycle parking space.
4. Turn left, open the furthest left door. (There is no sign center is open only during scheduled programs). 5. Now you have reached! Sairam and welcome to SSOJ Kyoto Center! The hotel is not associated with Kyoto Center Activities. Kindly please refrain from contacting the hotel directly to inquire about the Kyoto Sai Center. For any inquiry, please contact us at mail.