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Updated on Sun 5th Feb 2023

This web-page is delivering you the latest schedules and information of OSAKA Center.

The past schedules

Info: Feb 2023

The Special Shivarathri Bhajans will be held on Sat 18th Feb 2023, 18:00-21:00 @Osaka Center.
If you want to participate, please contact us by E-mail ( in advance.

* Rules for visiting *
- Those who are not feeling well cannot participate
- Temperature measurement by each person
- Wearing of masks
* Rules during the bhajans *
- Disinfection of doorknobs, reception pens, toilets, etc.
- Ventilation
- Secure the distance (follow the instructions of the venue staff)
- Wearing of masks
- Microphone disinfection
* Rules after bhajan meeting *
- Leave promptly after the bhajan party
** The number of visitors may be limited to ensure social distancing.

Online Activities;
- 2nd Thursday, 19:30 Bhajans (@Osaka Center & Online)
- 3rd Thursday, 20:00 Study Circle (Online ONLY)
- 4th Thursday, 19:30 Bhajans (@Osaka Center & Online)

For the Participation, you need the Zoom-ID and PASSWD.
Please E-mail to "".

* The REAL Bhajans will be held from Nov 2022 @Osaka Center. (Online will be delivered also.)
If you want to participate to REAL/Online Bhajans, please contact us by E-mail.

Osaka Center Cleaning Activities were held on Sat 19th Nov.
The BIG Photo of Swami was set in the center of the Alter.
Please see the Photo.(2022/11/19)

if you want to receive E-mails from Osaka Center, please send E-mail to;
Osaka Center E-mail:

How to Come to Osaka Center   Photo Map to Osaka Sai Center

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President Seva Spiritual Education Ladies Youth  Bhajans

Fundamental Schedules of Osaka-Center

Regular Bhajans (REAL & Online): 2nd, 4th Thursday, 19:30 (Practice 18:30-)
Stucy Circle (Online): 3rd Thursday 20:00
Ladies (REAL & Online): Thursday 13:00 *please ask*

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